Wellness Packages

Our team at the Comox Valley Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic are dedicated to an holistic approach - healing mind, body and spirit. Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced and are committed to providing an integrated approach to your healthcare.

We are passionate about women’s health and wellness and believe that all women can achieve a healthy reproductive system, which is a reflection of emotional and physical balance within the body, from the onset of menstruation until menopause.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture allow the body to heal itself, regulating hormone levels naturally, rebalancing the body systems and relieving tension from muscles. Maya abdominal massage gently aligns pelvic organs, releases and clears toxins, decreases pain and muscle tension, increases energy and circulation and creates balance within. Mind body sessions are specifically designed to inlcude, mind body relaxation training, discovering and releasing any blocks, health and wellness goal setting, cognitive restructuring and take home exercises.

It is our aim to teach you to recognize and interpret signs of imbalance within your body and give you the dietary and lifestyle tools to make positive changes, empowering you to actively participate in creating optimum health and live the life you choose.

Our Treatment Packages offer you the opportunity to make a commitment to your healing and wellness and set up appointment times well in advance. These packages are a combination of modalities offered at Comox Valley Acupuncture and are specifically chosen to work together to facilitate healing of your mind, body and spirit. During an initial consultation with each practitioner, we will specifically address your individual needs and tailor your treatment care accordingly for optimum results.

Whilst we have selected these combination packages for maximum benefit to you, each of our practitioners also offers simple commitment packages. Please enquire if you would like to commit to a program of treatment with a specific practitioner.

Pre-Conception - Optimum

Our 12 week Pre-Conception Package is a wonderful way to prepare for the important journey towards pregnancy. The optimum time to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, labour and birth is 3 months whether you are planning to conceive naturally or with the help of Assisted Reproductive Techniques. We offer a fully comprehensive package to meet your individual requirements and assist in optimizing your reproductive health and preparing you in mind, body and spirit.

This Package includes:

  • 12 acupuncture visits
  • 6 mind body sessions
  • 6 Maya abdominal massage treatments

This package includes fertility charting and personalized dietary and lifestyle suggestions to improve overall health and fertility.

Cost $1955

Pre-Conception - Boost

Our 4-6 week Fertility Enhancement Package for women addresses the key components necessary to optimize your reproductive health. This program is for women who require a boost to the reproductive system before starting to conceive.

This Package includes:

  • 8 acupuncture visits – 2 x week
  • 4 mind body sessions
  • 4 Maya abdominal massage treatments

This package includes fertility charting, personalized dietary and lifestyle suggestions to improve overall health and fertility.

*A minimum of 8 acupuncture visits are recommended prior to an IVF procedure as there have been many studies proving the benefits of 8 acupuncture treatments leading to increased pregnancies, less miscarriages and more live births.

Cost $1320

Boost for Men
Boost for Men

Our 4-6 week Fertility Enhancement Package for men includes treatments to boost the reproductive system and create optimum health and balance.

This Package includes:

  • 10 acupuncture visits - 2 x week
  • 2 mind body sessions
  • 2 Maya abdominal massage treatments

Male fertility information and personalized dietary and lifestyle suggestions are included in this package.

A clinical study on acupuncture and sperm health found that quality, motility and fertilization rates were significantly higher in the acupuncture group after 10 treatments.

Maya abdominal massage increases circulation to the male reproductive system and prostate and improves the quality of sperm.

Cost $1105

Pre-Conception – Together

This 4-6 week Fertility Package is aimed at couples planning to conceive. Come in together and benefit from these combined treatments to boost your reproductive health and optimize physical and emotional balance.

This Package includes:

  • 8 acupuncture visits - 2 x week each
  • 3 couples mind body sessions*
  • 4 Maya abdominal massage treatments each

Cost $2299.00
*one hour and a half in duration

Woman’s Wellness

This 6 week Women’s Wellness Package is for women of all ages and is specifically aimed at creating optimum health, balance and transformation of mind, body and spirit.

This Package includes:

  • 8 acupuncture visits
  • 4 mind body sessions
  • 5 Maya abdominal massage treatments

Cost $1445


Pregnancy is such an important time to take care of yourself and your growing baby. Allow us to support you during this precious time and assist towards a healthy pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture and Maya Abdominal Massage treatments combine to keep lower backache, sciatica, frequent urination, morning sickness and other discomforts associated with pregnancy under control.

Maya abdominal massage started from 20 weeks keeps the uterus healthy with good circulation, gently nurtures the body and supports your journey towards motherhood. Regular massage throughout your pregnancy can assist with an easier labour and delivery. Techniques introduced from 38 weeks naturally assist with a relaxed and empowered delivery in association with your midwife.

Pre-birth acupuncture treatment helps to prepare the body for birth by slowly and gently aiding with cervical softening and dilation, supporting, strengthening and relaxing the mother for an optimum birth experience. Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment to promote natural labour and studies have found that pre-birth acupuncture shortens the first stage of labor with less chance of medical inductions and interventions needed.

This Package includes:

  • 8 acupuncture visits (4-6 recommended in the last month of pregnancy to prepare for labour)
  • 8 pregnancy/Maya abdominal massage treatments

Cost $1425

Pregnancy and Birth

Preparation for Birth

Acupuncture and Maya massage are a wonderful combination to prepare the mother and baby for birth, relaxing and empowering the mother and preparing the body for an
optimum birthing experience.

It is recommended that this Package start 4-6 weeks prior to the delivery date.

This Package includes:

  • 4 pre- birth acupuncture treatments
  • 4 pregnancy/Maya abdominal massage treatments

Cost $699

Timeless Beauty

Enjoy all that cosmetic acupuncture has to offer with this age-defying, relaxing treatment to increase circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin which assists in reducing wrinkles and brings a renewed firmness to the skin for a glowing complexion.

This Package includes:

  • 10 acupuncture sessions (twice weekly for 5 weeks)

Cost $1150


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