Lifestyle Suggestions

In our fast paced world we are not taking the time to listen to our body’s needs and clues, we continue to push through the fatigue until a major illness forces us to stop.

In Traditional Chinese medicine lifestyle is very important in determining overall health. Lifestyle suggestions that are recommended include

  • Adequate sleep, too many of us are sleep deprived “running on empty” which weakens are constitution and eventually causes illness. Early afternoon naps are recommended to nourish the blood and rest is especially important during menstruation.
  • Daily exercise, this is very important to help circulate the qi. Moderation is the key as too much strenuous exercise over time weakens the body.
  • Stress reduction, stress is one of the biggest causes of imbalances and illness within the body. Learn how to reduce stress through meditation, qigong, yoga, pilates, journaling, or deep breathing techniques.

* A more personalized plan will be given after the initial consultation

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